Cleaning Business Book Club-Grow Your Cleaning Business with the Right Reading Resources

Learn the basics needed for having a successful Cleaning Business by joining a virtual Book Club!

Join Our Book Club and Explore Our Reading List! 

This Cleaning Business Book Club is designed to help aspiring Cleaning Business entrepreneurs learn the basics of starting/growing a successful cleaning business. 

Our course covers topics such as creating a business plan, finding clients, accounting, marketing, and more. 

Learn how to create and maintain your cleaning business and be successful in the industry.

Book #1 

Speed Cleaning by Jeff Cambell and The Clean Team

This book will help with training your cleaning tech's ( or you if you are new to the industry and you are just starting out!
 I will go over each chapter as it covers just about everything inside your home.

Book #2

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

with Workbook for Profit First by  GuideGuru Publishing- you will need this.

Book #3 

Accounting for Small Business: The Most  Complete and Updated Financial Accounting Guide for Small Companies. by Martin J Kallman 

Note: You will need to purchase of your own copies of the books are necessary to join the book club. 

More New titles will be announced on a later date.

Book #4

This is Marketing you can't be seen until you learn to see by Seth Godin

More books could be added, I have a ton on my list! 

First Meeting will be Janunary 8th, 2023 at 5pm Arizona Time.

Meetings will be held every two weeks. Same Time. 

These are required purchases, either hard copy or audio is fine :)

If we have more time we will add in more titles.

Shannon Miller Cleaning Business Coach

Megan Ka PO

Cleaning Business Owner

I love the community that this class provides. You really do get great insight from others in our industry. All meetings are recorded, so if you can't catch the live you can watch the replay.  This Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills.  Thank you!!

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