Black FRIDAY Bonanza

Launching Cleaning Business Specials for Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Bonanza

This course will cover essential strategies and sales tactics to help you maximize your profits and potentially generate
$$$1000.00's to your bottom line.

Make the most of your 4th Quarter by learning how to set specific pricing, how to do a basic launch of social media and email.  And the right way to collect money without someone trying to take advange of you!

Learn to use 3 proven strategies that I have implemented in my own Cleaning Business - a Black Friday Special, Gift Card Sale and a Pre-Sale (Step-by-Step instructions for a full year of House Cleaning)!

Maximise Your Black Friday Sales with These Strategies and Ideas!

Generate more income in the Fourth Quarter: Learn How to Sell Gift Cards, House Cleaning and Offer Black Friday Specials

Learn  what to set your pricing at?
Setting a Competitive Price: 
Don't Give Away the House!

Learn why Sticking to the script, then
keeping it simple is best.

As everyone is bombarded with thousands of AD's and Emails learn to make your short and sweet! 

Learn what kind of specials cleaning
businesses should you offer?

This is simplified because it comes with 2 done for you Templates, just plug in your business information. 

Learn what should you name your Black Friday offer?
We have a link to a list that has a ton of options.

What are the email sequence days ( Calendar) should you follow?
If you have a list, I secretly hope you do. There is a method to the madness on how many emails you should send out!

Can I post on Social, if I don't have an email list?
Yes, this course comes with 2 templates, you just need to follow the link
and add in your Company information (Canva).

Learn Gift Card Basics
 Plastic or Paper which is best?

Learn if you need a merchant account?
yes and no :)

Decide if you are ready to Sell a whole year of house cleaning?
This comes with a basic contract  for you to use

Comes with Access to my Student only FB Group! Where you can see more behind the scene stuff of what I am working on and to get basic questions answered about the courses you are taking. 


 Hi, it's me! I have been a Cleaning Business Coach since 2017.

I also am a Cleaning Business Owner here,  
in the great state of Arizona.

Please check out my website,

This course will guide you on the steps to take for you to implement,  and launch your very first Black Friday Bonanza!

And potentially add thousands to your bottom line in 4th quarter! 

Shannon Miller Cleaning Business Coach

Megan Smith

Cleaning Business Owner

This was AMAZING!
 I have always wanted to do a Black Friday Special. This was easy to Understand, and easy to implement.
The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills.
Really Enjoyed it.
Thank you!!

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Black FRIDAY Bonanza

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