The Ultimate Guide to In-Person Walkthroughs for Cleaning Services

I recommended that you learn how to do in-person bidding, the likely-hood of closing a deal is a lot higher than by just doing it right over the phone

Conducting an in-person walkthrough is a crucial step in providing accurate quotes and exceptional service for cleaning businesses.

If you are new, it is highly recommended that you learn how to do in-person bidding, the likely-hood of closing a deal is a lot higher than by just doing it right over the phone.

Pro Tip: Most people do not like to say no to your face!

If your service area is large, then it is recommended that you learn how to do a face-time bid, this particular method will be discussed in another podcast.

And as you become an expert and grow your cleaning business, then the next step is learning how to close a bid right over the phone. This is also discussed in another podcast- Coming Soon!

It allows you to assess the scope of work, understand the client’s needs, and establish clear expectations. In this blog, we’ll outline a step-by-step process for conducting an in-person walkthrough that will help you impress clients and win their trust.

Step 1: Schedule the Walkthrough

  • Contact the client to schedule a convenient time for the walkthrough.

Step 2: Prepare for the Walkthrough

  • The best tool you can bring will be your smart phone, take photos to look at later, be sure to not take personal photos of framed family photos or kids.
  • Review the client’s information, including any special requests or concerns they’ve mentioned.

Step 3: Meet the Client and Introduce Yourself

  • Be on time, in uniform and clipboard in hand, take a ton of notes and ask questions. Don’t forget to smile and be as professional as you can.
  • Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the walkthrough.
  • Most people will have a list and walk you through and others want you to walk through yourself. You can ask which method they prefer.

Step 4: Ask Questions and Listen

  • Begin the walkthrough by inspecting the entire property, room by room. We like to check out the bathrooms, is there a lot of buildup in the shower or tub? What about the bathroom sink? Are there a ton of bottles or meds sitting on the counter?
  • Take note of the size of each area, the types of surfaces to be cleaned, and any specific cleaning requirements.

Step 5: Ask Questions and Listen

  • Engage the client in conversation to understand their expectations and priorities.
  • If it has been maintained by another cleaning company, ask them what they did not like about the other cleaning company. Remember it’s bad business to talk poorly about the competition.
  • Ask about the specific areas of concern or areas that require special attention.

Step 6: Provide Recommendations and Solutions

  • What kind of team you provide
  • What your customer service is, my office hours are….

Step 7: Discuss Pricing and Services

  • Clearly explain your pricing structure and the services included in your cleaning packages. If you are providing a welcome packet be sure to write out the price for cleaning.
  • Provide a detailed quote based on the scope of work discussed during the walkthrough. Close the deal by bringing two copies of your welcome paperwork, be sure to leave 1 copy behind for them to look at after you have gone.

Step 8: Address Any Questions or Concerns

  • Encourage the client to ask questions or raise any concerns they may have.
  • Provide honest and transparent answers to build trust and credibility.

Step 9: Recap and Confirm Details

  • Recap the key points discussed during the walkthrough, including the services to be provided, the pricing, and the schedule.
  • Confirm the client’s agreement and address any final details before concluding the walkthrough.

Step 10: Follow Up

  • After the walkthrough, send a follow-up email or message to thank the client for their time and confirm the details discussed.
  • Reiterate your commitment to providing high-quality cleaning services and address additional questions or concerns.

Conducting an in-person walkthrough is an essential part of the cleaning service process. By following these steps, you can ensure that you provide accurate quotes, meet the client’s expectations, and lay the foundation for a successful and long-lasting business relationship.

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