How to prevent your Cleaning Clients from purging your Cleaning Tech’s!!

How to prevent clients attempting to poach your cleaning techs can strain your business relationships and erode trust.

It’s natural to want the best, we all want the best for ourselves, and our families. So, for many, it would seem logical to try and purge someone's cleaning tech.

Why not? They are already trained; they already know your house. You can pay them way less than what that legitimate business is charging you??? So, you will get a house cleaner for less!!

What Happens When Clients Steal Your Cleaning Techs?

1. Loss of Skilled Labor:

* When someone jumps from you (cleaning company) to them (the private cleaning client.) It will invariably cause a disruption to your business. You will have higher labor costs and your training dollars will be stretched thin…

* The process of recruitment is always high, and if your cleaning tech does not make it to certain milestones. As in a year or more, you can end up paying a higher state tax. (Please check your state to see what the laws are for the state that you operate in, if here in the United States.

2. Damage to Business Relationships:

* Clients attempting to poach your cleaning techs can strain your business relationships and erode trust. When you are made aware, this is usually a cleaning tech that will tell you what is going on.

Do not delay, get them on the phone and have a good old-fashioned phone call.

They will either admit to it and you can charge them a finder’s fee, (This is listed inside your Welcome paperwork. Or just fire them. There are good and bad with both decisions.

3. Legal and Ethical Concerns:

* Depending on the circumstances, clients attempting to steal your employees may be in violation of their on boarding paperwork that they have signed. Be sure to charge them a finder’s fee.

Educate and Communicate with your Cleaning Tech’s:

1. Establish Strong Relationships with Your Techs:

* Encourage your cleaning techs with open communication by discussing this very topic. Educate them so they understand the consequences of such things should they occur. And reward them for coming forward and making you aware. Make sure your Cleaning Tech’s sign and employment agreement stating that if they purge clients from you that there will be consequences.

2. Communicate Clearly with Your Clients:

* Clearly communicate your expectations regarding client interactions with your cleaning techs.

* Make sure you have your clients sign your welcome paperwork that discusses this very topic and what happens if this situation should occur.

3. Monitor Client Interactions:

* Keep track of client interactions with your cleaning techs and watch for any signs of inappropriate behavior or attempts to poach employees.

* Address any issues promptly and firmly to deter future attempts.

Dealing with clients who try to steal your cleaning technicians can be challenging, but by establishing strong relationships with your techs, communicating clearly with your clients, and using non-solicitation agreements, you can protect your business and retain your valuable employees. Remember, maintaining a positive work environment and fostering loyalty among your team are key to preventing employee poaching and ensuring the long-term success of your cleaning business.

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